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Pregnant German girl burned alive by Turkish immigrants


A 19 year old pregnant German girl was burned alive in a park in Berlin. The suspects are two Turkish men. The victim, known only as Maria P., was dating one of the suspects. Police believe that th…

Source: Pregnant German girl burned alive by Turkish immigrants

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WATCH: British Muslims Gather in Show of Strength to Demand Caliphate

Stop White Genocide.

Over a thousand British Muslims took to the streets of London on Tuesday in a show of force, blocking off a central London square to call for a caliphate while the crowd chanted ‘Allahu Akbar’.

We need a Caliph who will clean up these streets / Who will smack up armies and who will back beef [fighting]. / Backhand your missiles back to your land, that’s the plan. / World domination at hand. We can expand and take out these fools.

Those were the words of a poet invited to address the raucous crowd outside the Syrian Embassy in central London who cheered and yelled Allahu Akbar (Allah is the greatest) in support of his calls for war.

Eschewing an alternative demonstration in support of Syria taking place outside Downing Street on the grounds that they did not support the British government

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