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PARIS UNDER MUSLIM SIEGE – News Blackout as Riots Wreck the city!

Bring in the army and wipe the bastards out

Stop White Genocide.

PARIS UNDER MUSLIM SIEGE - News Blackout as Riots Wreck the city!

French and western news media are intentionally blacking-out FEROCIOUS RIOTS in Paris, refusing to provide any coverage of violence by savage Muslim beasts in Paris.

Hundreds of Parisians have been attacked and seriously injured by roving bands of Islamic Radicals, throwing stones, spears, smashing store and car windows and setting fire to anything they can.

Riot police are gassing the wild hordes, to no effect.

Photos from various areas in Paris show the mayhem:

Stores and Shoppes are being attacked, looted and burned.  Citizens are being stoned, beaten with bats and cut with broken glass bottles.

Police are having improvised explosive devices hurled at them.

There is utter chaos taking place throughout Paris right now and all the official news channels throughout France are in a total news blackout of these events.

This story will be updated throughout the day.  Spread the word: Paris…

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