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UK courts allow cover-up of Eton child porn criminal to protect his wealthy family

Pride's Purge

UK courts have allowed an Eton schoolboy to use a false name to protect his wealthy family from scandal.

Andrew Picard managed to escape jail time despite being convicted of creating and distributing sickening child pornography involving children as young as 2 years old.

But Picard’s real name is Andrew Boeckman – Picard is his mother’s maiden name.

Boeckman’s father is extremely wealthy lawyer-to-the-bankers Philip J Boeckman. But almost all references to the name Boeckman in connection with the case have been deleted from the internet – presumably under threat of legal action.

Here’s part of a cached Mirror article on the case from the internet archives in which the name Boeckman is mentioned. The article has since been deleted:

phil boeckman

Of course, Picard/Boeckman may argue he decided to take his mother’s maiden name before the scandal erupted. But here’s a photograph of Picard under the name Boeckman from as recently as August 2015 (from a…

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